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Lightweight, heat-insulating, cold-formed! Precautions for the performance of PC board reprocessing

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In recent years, with the rise of green buildings, the demand for green materials has also surged. As the "darling" of ecological construction, PC panels are becoming more and more popular. PC board has high light transmittance, very light weight, strength, and durability. In particular, the multi-layer UV protection PC board has thermal insulation properties, excellent cold-formed characteristics and ultra-low weight characteristics.

Of course, the most commendable thing is the good processing performance of PC sheet, plasticity and certain flexibility. It is not easy to break when cut off and installed, and it can be cold bent. However, although PC sheets are easier to be processed into specified shapes, not paying attention to the processing details will also damage the sheets and even affect the overall project.

Cutting matters needing attention

1. The board must be fixed firmly to avoid rough edges or even cracked edges due to vibration of the board;

2. The program of all tools must be set to cut plastic materials and use fine-toothed blades;

3. The protective film of the board should be kept on the board to prevent scratches on the surface of the board;

4. After the board is cut, all the cutting edges should be cleaned without burrs and nicks, and then use compressed air to blow away the plastic chips and dust.

Points to note when opening holes

1. The plate should be fixed firmly to reduce the impact of vibration on the dimensional accuracy of the drilling;

2. The allowable distance between the opening position and the edge of the plate is 1~1.5 times of the drilling diameter;

3. All opening diameters must be larger than the bolt diameter. If heat treatment over 145°C is required after machining, it is necessary to consider increasing the plate hole diameter by about 5% during high-precision drilling;

4. When drilling thick plates, the holes must be cleaned frequently to prevent excessive debris from friction and heat.

Precautions for hot forming

1. Generally, the plate should be dried before thermal bending. Because if the board is not dried enough, air bubbles may be generated during the processing. During the drying process, the plates cannot be stacked and should be separated by 20~30mm for ventilation.

3. When using a thermoforming machine, in order to reduce heating time and save energy, it is recommended to keep it in a dry box before processing.

4. After the plate is dried, it can be cooled at room temperature, but the next hot bending process should be continued within 10 hours of cooling.

5. Before thermoforming, the board should be cleaned with antistatic cleaner or ionized compressed air to avoid surface defects.

6. ​​When only thermal bending is performed, the drying process can be omitted, and only the infrared heater is used to heat the local area in a linear manner to meet the requirements.

7. For plates with a thickness of more than 3mm, double-sided heating is recommended. The advantage of double-sided heating is that the material is heated more uniformly and heated faster, which can effectively shorten the molding cycle and is more economical.

8. The plate must be heated evenly, and high accuracy can be obtained at the upper limit of the molding temperature range (175~205℃).

9. In order to avoid a large amount of heat loss or uneven cooling at the edge of the plate during heating, it is recommended to use an adjustable clamping device to improve the thickness distribution, so that the plate can be thermoformed under mechanical pre-stretching.

10. After thermoforming, the PC board should be cooled on the processing tool. After the shape and size are stable, it can be removed from the tool.

11. In order to reduce the internal stress of the plate during the heating and cooling process, the formed plate should be quenched and tempered. The method of quenching and tempering is to heat the part, maintain a certain temperature and then slowly cool it.

PC board has occupied a dominant position in the world construction industry. In addition, panels made of polycarbonate with a marble appearance and a low-foaming wood appearance will also show their talents in the construction and furniture industries. Therefore, mastering the correct processing method can not only improve the aesthetics of the building, but also give better play to the performance of the PC board.
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