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Mature design team provides scientific and technical material selection scheme design

NewSunka Technology

· Six advantages

  • Strong technical force

  • Mold, production integration

  • Advanced production equipment

  • Modified materials

  • Customized solution

  • Overseas business support

Strong technical force

The mature design team has the ability to respond quickly. With the help of genuine UG design software, we can fully recommend suitable packaging materials and provide complete packaging design solutions from the perspective of cost-saving for customers.

Mold, production integration

The company has independent mold research and development capabilities, according to the samples or drawings provided by customers to design, mold, proofing, mass production and other integrated services, saving time and cost for customers to the greatest extent.

Advanced production equipment

Independent mold room, injection production workshop, extrusion production workshop, warehouse, quality inspection room. Has multiple extruders, injection molding machines, engraving machines and processing centers.

Modified materials

Our company can change various materials through physical and chemical methods, which can significantly improve the mechanical properties, aging resistance, friction resistance, and thermal properties of plastic products.

Tailor-made solutions

Customized engineering and technical design consulting services (application consulting, product selection recommendation, product optimization, design support, troubleshooting, etc.) for customers to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and make enterprises more competitive.

Overseas business support

We have self-support import and export rights, and our products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries.

NewSunka technology - four advantages of extrusion / Blister molding

One stop hot forming product scheme customization, meticulous and worry free

More professional

More professional

Cost performance


Delivery fast



The company has many years of senior technicians and structural design teams specializing in the plastics industry.

Brand suppliers BASF, KUMHO-SUNNY, CHIMEI, SABIC and other partners.

Successfully served internationally renowned companies such as CommScope, JMA, Jabil, Rosenberger, etc., trustworthy.

8000 square meters standard workshop, 1500 tons of annual production capacity, the introduction of domestic high-end brand vacuum forming machine and five-axis precision machining center.

NewSunka  focuses on the precision processing of high-end engineering plastic products in specific industries. Through long-term cooperation with world-renowned companies in the industry, NewSunka  has a comprehensive "quick response, multi-level demand service" for the characteristics of a variety of products and a small amount. Management and technological innovation capabilities.
We signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Leap Express to ensure arrival within the specified time.

Have a complete after-sales service system, a professional after-sales customer service team wholeheartedly serve you, quick response within 15 minutes, and provide you with solutions within 2 hours

Establish long-term cooperative relations with many logistics companies for a long time, and solve emergencies for you in time

Customer case

Common witness of customers in multi industry application fields
Excellent production equipment
Large scale of workshop
Complete varieties
Authority certification
Independent mold R & D

Suzhou NewSunka Technology Co., Ltd

Suzhou NewSunka Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. The company is located in Xukou Industrial Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, which is economically developed and resource-rich. From the beginning of the establishment of the factory, we formulated "Talents as the foundation and innovation as the soul" "The development concept.

NewSunka Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the business principle of "people-oriented, equal emphasis on service and quality"

Production process

Recommend appropriate packaging materials, one-stop customization, cost-effective design
Conceptual design

Communicate material performance requirements Scientific and appropriate design scheme

Mold development

Confirm the design scheme and open the mold for processing
Provide drawing optimization design support

Sample validation

According to the confirmed sample mold proofing
Multi dimensional testing of sample performance

Fixed model and sample

Confirm mould and sample Ensure that samples meet application requirements

Volume production

According to the final confirmation sample
Batch order production according to process

Technology collaboration

Technical docking of product problems
Solutions within 8 hours

News and information

Deliver cutting edge information and grasp industry trends
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